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Free! Relationships That Get You Opportunities

Relationships built my business.

Strategic relationships that you build over time - they've gotten me on stage, on podcasts, booking new clients and doing cool things. Plus, so many rewarding friendships, tips, and knowledge along the way!

To make your life easier, I've put together a simple checklist of daily, weekly and monthly suggested activities so you can also build strong business relationships that get you opportunities.

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Free! Clarity Call Checklist - Sell With Ease

A checklist, guide and FAQ list to use for your next clarity or discovery call, so you can sell with ease and flow, feel more confident, and provide a better client experience.

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Price Your Magic

A 'fun-sheet' (a spreadsheet that's super simple, small, not scary and useful) to help you price your next 1:1 service or group offer!


- 5-min walkthrough video
- my personal examples of pricing my mastermind (group offer) and a 1:1 service
- blank templates for you to use yourself

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Course: Small Audience, Epic Launch

THE resource for a high-touch launch with a small audience and budget - perfect for service-based entrepreneurs to launch group programmes, new services, pop-up offers, masterminds, retreats and events.

Launches used to freaked me out.

Cart closing? How long? How many emails? What's a good price point? When do I start getting annoying with my marketing? Keep the cart open for 5 days, or 7? End of a Friday, or a Monday? And what the hell do I say to get people to buy my amazing thing?

Oof. It was a lot, and I stressed myself out so much with all these questions, and not knowing what I was doing.

This is where this resource comes in.

It's the real numbers and insights from my recent launch of Early Bird tickets for a live event - Scale Your Strategy Live. 

You'll see my entire process - and it's full of steal-able tips, advice and tactics that you can apply to your own launches.

Most of the tips you'll learn are applicable to any kind of launch, but the offers that will get the absolute best results from this are the high-touch ones:

- a new service
- group programme
- pop-up offer

Happy learning! And don't forget, you can use the Questions feature and I'll be able to read (and reply) to your answers.

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Book a clarity call

A free, no-strings-attached 30 min call with Maggie Giele.

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Battle Plan (75 min intensive to create your action plan)

Stuck, at a crossroads or not quite sure what your best next step is?

Book a 75-minute 1:1 call and intensive to go through your ideas, prioritise your options, and map out your next plan of action to hit your goals faster.

Examples of what we can cover in this session:
- identifying, refining or niching down on your ideal clients so you can connect to them better
- refining your service or product suite

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