Course: Small Audience, Epic Launch


All the insights and information you need for your next high-touch launch:

Think launching your group programme, a mastermind, a pop-up service or a new service in general, or a retreat or event.

Even with a small audience and small budget.

Want to know exactly what went into my last launch, what worked and what didn't, and what I might do differently next time?

I'm not just giving the the WHAT... I'm not just giving you the HOW...

I'm giving you the WHY.

WHY I made certain decisions - so you can think more critically when planning your next launch so you don't lose any time, money, energy, or sleep.

Secrets to a Small But Mighty Launch.

Here's what we'll cover:

1. Start Here - the basics
2. Planning Your Launch (the 4 steps you need to do first)
3. High-Touch Marketing
4. Content 1 - Topics To Cover
5. Content 2 - Creating Urgency
6. Content 3 - How often do I post without being annoying
7. Content 4 - Platforms & Repurposing
8. Content 5 - Handling Objections
9. Mindset - what made the biggest difference to my launch stress
10. Visuals
11. Tech & Tools
12. Facebook Ads - Small Budget, Small Audience

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Launch Secrets

12 Lessons

Hey hey *throws confetti*

So excited you're here. Here's all the stuff I wish I had known when I started out online and during my first, second and even third launches. It all felt so overwhelming and scary, so that's why I'm here breaking it down for you!

Each lesson has a PDF that's between 1 - 3 pages. So they're all short, actionable and to the point!

Almost half of the content is about marketing and content - my specialty, given that I have an MSc in Marketing Strategy and love, love, love creating intimacy and connection online. I've split it up into several parts.

If a section isn't relevant to you (e.g. you're not worried about the question, 'How often do I post without being annoying?') then great! You can skim that section, and move one. That's why it's broken down this much, so it'll be really easy for you to find anything you need.

Have questions? Feel free to email me at If you answer questions in the Quiz portions, I'll get your answers too!

And for some personal attention and to get my eyes + mind on your next launch... book yourself a strategy session. Click here for a no-strings-attached call to chat more!